more on my log cabin with posies

At the requests of a few nice folks, I am going to post a few more pictures and details of Ms. Posy.  
Someone asked if I would show some close ups of the flowers.  It just so happens that I have a couple of
in progress pictures from my design wall.

I began by making log cabin flowers.

These began with an approximately 1 1/4 inch hexagon center snipped with scissors and no pattern.  I sewed 1 to 1/ 1/2 inch strips of fabric around the hexagon.  These posies ended up as hexagons, heptagons, and octagons approximately 4 to 6 1/2 inches in size.

For these particular posies, I began by freely cutting ,with my scissors, a hexagon approximately 2 inches x 1 1/4 inches.  More or less.  Because with no rulers or patterns each hexagon will be slightly different in size and shape.   I then cut various sized wedges ranging in size from 4 inches to 1 inch.  Again, more or less.    Choosing 2 to 5 wedges, I sewed them together, to have "petals" to the approximate size of one of the sides of the hexagon center.   Then I was able to stitch them onto one side of the hexagon of corresponding size.
 I continued this process until I was happy with the design/shape of the posy.  
I had so much fun with these, I wanted to experiment with a few more types as well as leaves

  Here is a collage of several as they look in the completed quilt.  All stitched down with free motion zig zag style, raw edges, a bit ravely once washed.

Someone else asked about sizes of the log cabins in the border.
I took my cue from the background in it's original state

 Realizing that I have very loosely interpreted the traditional log cabin block, I can only say I made them in sizes ranging from  7" x  6 " to   9" x 12 ".
 These were then trimmed to fit the finished width of the border which is
6 inches wide .

Again, it was fantastic fun.  I can't say which parts of this quilt I had more fun playing with.  I can say, in readdressing this process, I am inspired to make another spontaneous, unstructured,
flying by the seat of my pants, no holds barred, sunshine day.

And it just so happens that I have a background all pieced up and waiting in the wings for splashes of color.

Have a weekend full of sun and fun, y'all.