Since it is so stinking hot and humid, I thought that it must be time to get around to dyeing some fabric.  And since my nice husband has helped me set up a perfect space in our basement, I must put it into use, lest he think that I am not appreciative of his efforts.   Double laundry sink, pull-down faucet, lots of work tables and space and a balmy 72 degrees year round.  Irena and I just finished ironing 23 plus yards of fabric.

And I have more than 23 half yards drying in the sun.  I must admit what brought me round to this burst of exploration was caused by my friend Karen.  She told me about this great online video Craftsy class by Jane Dunnewold and I naturally had to sign up.  Loads of good tips and ideas that I couldn't wait to try.  And may I say, this is so much more fun than dyeing yard after yard of solid fabric.  Got some great mottles and fun designs.

I have been busy in the sewing studio as well.  I finished piecing the Nancy Crow workshop piece.  It is so different from anything I have ever done and I am still trying to like it.  The odd thing about this piece is I already know how I want to quilt it, what color thread, what color backing and facing too.  I have never made a quilt that spoke up that quickly about the quilting part.   Most of them linger for months or years before they have enough nerve to tell me what to do!   Between you and me, I think this thing is trying to take over my life.  Every name I try to assign to it is voted down.  It is as if I am compelled to actually finish this quickly,  it will name itself and I will move on.  Oh, and just so you know, it is laying flat on the wall.  The wavy edges are intentional.  When I tried to square it up, it screamed at me to stop.  Wavy it will be. I tell ya, this critter has a mind of it's own.  Round we go.

approximately 58" x 72" 

Rounding out this post, is my completed Pink Dogwood quilt.  

All quilted up and bound. Ready to hang on the wall. That brings round another issue, I have run out of wall space.  Guess I need to rotate a few.

Which brings me round to another subject.  Selling my quilts. Although I do have some of them for sale at the local museum shop, it is high time I get busy and add a link to my blog  with photos, descriptions and prices. (pricing - the most difficult part.) Another item for the To-Do list. And my world keeps going 'round.