Wordless Wednesday

Well not really wordless. 
Not really Wednesday.
At first I thought I would just post some pictures.  Then I thought I should first do a bit of 'splainin'  since I had created no posts since the first of December.  It's like this,
Christmas prepartions
Stripping wallpaper from 5 rooms
Painting 5 rooms
Redecorating 5 rooms
Being a guest lecturer (don't ask)
Beginning a new art study group
Cleaning out the basement for an indoor fabric dyeing studio

At last I am back to the good stuff.  Oh how I missed quality time in my studio.
And I really missed "talking" to all my online friends.
But now, I am back, albeit sporadically, I fear.
When I began blogging, I wasn't too sure I would stick to it.  I sorta got out of the habit tried to stop spending so much time on the internet and become more productive.  So I might not be blogging as much for a bit, but if I have anything to show, you betcha I'll be showing off.  

Here is what I have gotten done lately.

I finished piecing the string stars quilt using shirts from my friend's husbands shirts. She asked for the more traditional layout, whew!
Ready to be quilted

Another shirt quilt for my friend's family. All Gee's Bendish and laid back.  I used 3 different colors of Kaffe Fasset's shot cottons for the sashings.   It's actually quilted and ready to have the binding stitched.  (Sorry my computer ate that picture.) 

 A few of my friends and I began an art study group using Lorraine Torrence and Jean Mills' book, Fearless Design for Every Quilter.  There are 10 lessons and we are attempting to do one lesson per month.  This quilt is the result of one of my "study" blocks from the first lesson. Done by the seat of my pants, feeling my way along and figuring it out as I go.  It is 45" square and destined to hang over the mantle in my living room.  Maybe.  If the quilting goes well.  If not, it might be the first of a series.  I cut 1 1/4 inch strips of fabric and stitched them together.  Then cut them into the various shapes.  Lots of quality therapy time with my rotary cutter and Juki.  

And speaking of Juki.  I bought the new Juki TL-2010Q from this wonderful shop.  (I felt that I was justified because I had sold two of my quilts.)  Now, I love love love my Juki TL-98Q, but the new model has a speed control.  Yippee.  A brighter light. More yippees.  It came with all the necessary feet and tools.  What more can I ask?  I would highly recommend  Raichert's online shop in case you are in the market.  Great prices, excellent customer service.  And nothing sews like a Juki. 

Now, if I only had 44 hours in my day and could mange with 4 hours of sleep.