Gee's Whiz

Here is what's been happening with the strips of pieced rectangles that I received from the lovely ladies participating in Victoria's 
It all began in October based on the scrappy making fabric concept.  
When It was my turn to "play", my original thought was to ask for strips of fabric rectangles sewn together.  What I didn't divulge in my request for the strips is my idea for the putting them together.  I would  sew all the strips together, then cut them apart in  "snakey curves".  I would then sew in the "snakes" to rejoin them. 
Sorta like these inspirational  African American quilts:


Rather than actually making a quilt similar to my friends' Real Deal quilt 

Once those strips began to arrive, I got a bit lazy.  Plus I couldn't decide what color to use for the "snakes".  Black snakes, green snakes, copperhead........... 
the first strips came from Margaret

a few more from other bee members

And still more

Then I pulled out a few old words blocks that I had made years ago, I just knew it was meant to be.  It just seemed to suit the mood of a bee concept.  People sharing pieces of fabrics sewn together, inspiring one another, and having fun. 

so to here

then to here
But wait  there are more strips to come from other players, 
it isn't over yet.  There could still be snakes.
With so many strips of fabric, I can make two quilts.
Why not?  Two for the price of one. 
Green snakes,
black snakes, 
coral snakes, 
scarlet snakes, 
even a python