Old news

How do I begin?  It seems that I cannot get back into the swing of blogging lately.  Maybe it was the long hot summer, or my vacation trip to Portland and Seattle, or maybe I came home from my trip to be overwhelmed with a huge mess in my studio.  Way too many unfinished quilts, all my stash piled here and there on the floor, lots of household chores to catch up, chaos of the mind?  I would show you how bad it was, but I neglected (er-um refused) to take pictures of my mess.
Now that all is reorganized, put away, caught up, I wanted to share a few pictures of my visit with the Rebels of Seattle. I could not have felt more at home with this warm and welcoming group of ladies.  Talk about southern northwestern hospitality!  The meeting began with a yummy pot luck lunch on the Sally's deck in a warm, sunny Seattle.   I had to really control myself to not go back for seconds and thirds.  After all, I was a guest, who brought no food to share.  But when everyone brought out their projects to share,  I quickly forgot about the food.  What a diverse group of talents.

You should see Patty's stripes up close and personal ~ WOWSER ~

Dawn's upcoming project using silk strips

Buffy's amazing use of solids and fabulous machine quilting

Nifty is hiding behind her glorious Madonna that she is handquilting.
If you have yet to discover this multi-talented group jump over the their site and take a look to see more.  You will be delighted.

Nifty of http://www.niftyquilts.blogspot.com/and her husband graciously hosted my husband and I for two wonderful dinners and a bit of Seattle sightseeing.  Sad to say I was so excited about meeting and getting to know them, that I neglected to take any pictures.  But be on the lookout, because I am already looking for cheap flights to the Portland/Seattle area.  I am thinking it should be a quarterly trip.   And this time there will be less words and more pictures, I promise.