adding some toppings to the vanilla.

So, I have quilted all of the individual blocks.
I think it was the most fun I have ever had in doing machine quilting. Well, at least not nearly as stressful as maneuvering a big quilt under my Juki.  Most of the blocks have similar, repetitive designs but on the occasional block, I just had to stitch something a bit different. 

So now comes the big decision.  To add or not to add. 
The bits 'o color strips.

I had all but decided to only use the goldish bits and already dubbed her as Butter Brickle,  I just had the feeling red was going to be too abrasive.  Not that I think red itself is abrasive, because there is nothing better than red in a quilt. And I am thinking that the blues and greens were adding too much contrast.  I just had mono on my mind.  Or perhaps because it was warm and sunny outside, I didn't need any added color.   But today was cooler and not so bright, I thought to try again.   I needed some reds and greens and blues.  I think I will let her hang a while longer and see what happens during the next few days. 

Do you ever think that the way you make a final decision on something creative 
just might be based on your mood at the time?  Or the weather? 

And now I am so in the mood for color.  So I took 3-4 steps in my studio 
and turned to my other design wall.

Another design idea for peacock colors.  Using this as my inspiration.