September into October

Where does the time go?  
The past 6 weeks I have attempted to become more: 
Focused. Disciplined. Structured.  
I am getting better with my new FDS regimen. 

to wit - this is completed

inside out
54" x 70"

 I only have the binding to stitch down on this one
sketch 4
28" x 30"

threw this one in the garbage as it needed 
drastic simplification modifications

 completed piecing this one and placed it in line to be quilted
42" x 45"
 drew some sketches to consider for patterning
this was was a bit mundane
 iris buddies with buds

so decided to use this sketch for a pattern
iris closeup
36" x 48"
off I go using my hand dyed fabrics,
cutting and pinning

What has spurred this new regimen?  The past few weeks have been wonderfully encouraging for my ego.  

One of the quilts that I have pieced for a dear friend (but yet unquilted, eeks) was featured in "Love Patchwork", a quilting oriented magazine from the UK.  It was totally unsolicited, complete surprise when I received a request from the magazine editor.  Naturally I could not say no.

And then, to my surprise, I was asked to do an interview with a feature writer, Jen Jeffrey from the
What a flattering portrait she painted.  Thanks Jen.  

my Pink Dogwood just won a first place ribbon in the wall hanging division 
in a local quilt show.  

If my luck continues to hold, there could be more good news to share in the near future.  
If the good news actually occurs, hopefully it will help me to continue this new regimen.
 If it doesn't work out, hopefully I will still continue this new regimen.  

See ya next month.