Simple or Complicated?

Now that things are a bit settled around here, I am back to business as usual. Once I've done all the "shirts and blouses" blocks (refer to my blog back on March 4) that I can bear to do, I realized that I was in a pretty dark spot. Do you think that your life is reflected in what you might be trying to create at the time? As I look back on my home decor, my clothing and my quilts, I can definitely see a trend there. I spent most of my life trying to follow the rules. Be a good daughter, wife, mother and do what is expected of a proper, southern lady. I tried that through out my high school and college years, on into adulthood and beyond. A few years ago, I heard a life altering phrase, "out of the box". I realized that I was never a muted person on the inside. Not that I am a radical rebel, but all those rules just wear me out. A friend of mine has this quote following her signature on her e-mails.
"I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened by old ones" ...John Cage
That is saying something. It has also been said that there is nothing original in the world, or something to that effect. I am far from original in my ideas, but it is so liberating to stop listening to some of those rules and structures that I thought I must always follow. Now I am learning to just say HA to the quilt police. Doesn't it feel good to give yourself permission to be just yourself?

Back to the muted plaids and stripes blocks - I just knew it needed help, but it wouldn't do to overpower all those busy blocks with my favorite bright colors and prints. So I had to compromise: a few wonky blocks here and there with a greyed/brownish linen that I found buried in my stash. And lots of Kaffe fat quarters strung together for the backing. It is looking better already. Here is the top in it's current form. Now to get it sandwiched and quilted.

Before I end for the day, I might as well admit right now that I didn't stop with the shirts and blouses, but went on to delve into just the "shirts". Here's the idea. Not sure what will happen with these blocks, but I am just about tired of making them, so we'll see what happens next. Oh but wait! Here's another thought, make just a few more of these blocks and cut them into rounds or ovals. . . . I just have to get back to those things that my right brain really enjoys, as in "why make it simple when you make it complicated."