I have been Leibstered

 Marianne over at The Quilting Edge has presented me with the Liebster Award.  I am so honored to be recognized by her, as she is quite the talented artist.  She continues to inspire me with each post.  And, I might add, teach me a thing or two as well.
Here are the rules:
  • Tell your readers who tagged or nominated you.
  • Add a link to their blog.
  • Pay it forward!!! Award 3-5 bloggers who you think deserve this award.
  • Inform them and post directions to your blog
  • Pick blogs with under 300 followers

As there are so many talented quilt artists out there, it is quite difficult to choose only a few.  I would really like to give a shout out loud to all of you out there and say that y'all are just plain wonderful folks.  Since rules are meant to be broken, I guess I could do just that.  However, being a bit lazy when it comes to typing in all the links to all the blogs that I check in on through out the days and weeks, I would probably end up with carpel tunnel syndrome.  So let me just say that from all y'all, because I have always tried to follow the rules,  I have selected some ladies, that I would like to pay it forward.  Just because. 

Click on each of their names and see why I chose them:

who just keeps on coming up with wonder upon wonder
who I have renamed Joanie Appleseed because she is constantly spreading the seeds of happiness, cheer and thought provoking wisdom
who blows me away with her designs and use of color

I promise that you won't be disappointed when you jump over to see what they have going on.