Let's talk about that. I spent the day whizzing pieces under the 
walking foot of my Juki and thinking.   I know why I am so compelled to complete this Selvage/Mandingo quilt.  Ironically the front is of a circular design and the back is geometric, Which has gone through several design changes.

It is all about making order out of chaos. It always seems to be.  Whatever might be occurring in my life,  comes through when I am in my studio.  When there is too much helter skelter happening in the rest of my life,  I must create some type of order.  Even though this design is not perfectly orderly and precisely pieced, it is a repetitious pattern of sorts. There is some semblance of control here.  Along with a tad bit of design aesthetic perhaps? 

                              As much as I should be completing Ms. Magnolia or Seashells on the Bay, 

I have a need to join the ying & the yang and make it mesh.  I need to pull other parts together in a harmonious union. 
I will be able to get on with the others who are calling to me once that is accomplished

So that is my current reasoning as to why I am not able to complete a project 
in a reasonable amount of time
It is all about having some control of my life.  
And perhaps more about mental therapy.

And now
even though I seem to have no control whatsoever with formatting blogger
life goes on

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

pillow fronts

pillows back
selvage quilt front in progress
Mandingo inspired back in progress
family trees are growing