I just had to take a break....

.... from machine quilting and do something else for a bit.  I searched through all my old photos and found this photo I had snapped at the Portland Rose Garden a few years ago.  

Next step, draw up a pattern and enlarge it.

I loved the luminosity of original rose, but I didn't want to work with pastels.  I was in the mood for something brighter, and I chose some of my hand dyed fabrics from a couple of summers ago

I started cutting and pinning with a definite result in mind.

Feeling my way slowly and deviating quite a bit from the pattern, as usual, this wild rose took on a personality of her own and I let her dress herself with my assistance.

 Being a fan of high contrast, I think I will accessorize her with this blue background.  Hope she likes it.

Approximately 44" x 52" at this point

Now to let her hang around on the wall for a bit while I get back to machine quilting.
Once she decides that she likes her new style, I'll start piecing her together.

getting it together

After spending a delightful afternoon with Melody and some fellow Bad Ass Quilters, I am inspired once again.  And not to take away from the charms of these artists, but the sunshine and 72 degree temperatures helped as well. We were all reveling in the glorious weather.  

The quilt for nephew and bride, has come together at last.  So without further ado

to be quilted, soon, very soon

 After chatting with the kids about what they might like to have, I tuned in on a few of their key words:
earth tones
an original Mary quilt


greens, earth tones, neutrals = my loose interpretation of colors
traditional = flying geese
 triangles + original = circles with loosely drawn geese
(my theory being, that no two geese are exactly alike)
= an original Mary quilt

This quilt was one of those that I felt my way blindly throughout the making, as I am not so good at discerning just what someone else's vision might be.  
Here's to hoping the kids will like it once it is quilted.  
Which is rumored to be soon, very soon.  
Cheers, y'all

a long winter's nap

First of all I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to those who have checked in with me the past few months that I haven't been blogging.  It is so appreciated and so nice to be remembered even though I haven't been "out there".  All is well, but sometimes life just throws up too many obstacles for one to always what one wants to do.    

 So tired of our exceptionally cold, dreary, wet winter, I just returned from a walk in the most welcome sun, some pre-March winds, and warm temperatures.  It was inspiring for me, to say the least.  After 5 months of not posting, and with the holidays past, it is time to shovel out of the rut.

One of my projects included a collaboration with my extremely talented daughter, Casey. Check out her Pinterest boards.  It was such a great experience to work with her on 3 pieces.  I can't share details or photos of these designs quite yet, but it is coming soon. 

Meanwhile here are a few photos of some of the experimenting and quilts I've been playing with before and after the collaboration.  All are unfinished, my normal way of playing.  

14" x 27"

64" x  78" for Chase & Andrea

Twin size for Evie
(remember those chenille bedspreads of the 1950?)

twin size for Silas
16" x 22"
Now to settle down and get some things finished, right?