my new friend, Irena

 When I was growing up my Mom has this old "ironer thing" that she used to starch and iron everything from the sheets and pillowcases to my Dad's overalls.  Let me just say that we were a well-ironed family back in the day, much to the dismay of my brother and myself, as those starched pillow cases weren't the most comfy place to lay your head.
Mom finally gave up and got rid of the her ironer.

Years pass and and I sign up for a Nancy Crow workshop, which means I need to get busy dyeing more solid fabrics to add to my stash.  Dyeing fabric also means lots of ironing.  Ironing has never been something I was thrilled to spend time doing. 
Guess what will handle one yard pieces of damp fabric like a champ?  
You got it! 
 I discovered an old Ironrite on Craigslist, contacted the owner, and immediately took it off her hands.  Let me introduce you to Irena, my new best friend.

a wet wrinkled pile of hand dyed fabrics

placed into Irena's hot arms 
looks like this in a tenth of the time it would take if using my regular iron and board
And I might add that she does a bang up job ironing cloth napkins.  I have been following my daughter's lead in trying to cut back on consumption of paper products.  And since I have drawers full of cloth napkins, that I NEVER iron, we now have lovely crisply ironed napkins at meal times.  Now to get to the pillow cases and sheets . . . . . .