The time has come to do something with all the silk ties I have stashed away.  Some belonged to my father, my uncles, my son, my husband, my nephew and others came from thrift shops.  I have an over abundance 

Then there are the old silk blouses and slacks that I kept saving with the though that they might be back in style one day.  Alas, I have tossed the shoulder pads that should be velcroed into the blouses for that 80's look, so needless to say, the fit is no longer very attractive.  So they've been cut apart.  Let me just say right now, that it finally keeps me from wearing them in public.  

Then there are the pieces of silks that did and did not make it into garments

               Next step, I washed everything all up and began taking the ties apart
when I needed a bit of "sit down, put my feet up time".

A few days ago, I took rotary cutter in hand and began slicing and dicing 
the ties into approximately 2" inch strips.  

Like so

Not having much experience with silk, I felt that it should be sewn onto some sort of backing.  Making an executive decision, I cut 6 inch squares of muslin for the backing.  Now to decide a pattern for the silk strips.  Mulling it over and over, it's time to make the next executive decision.  Let's sew these suckers down and get on with it.
Like so

All the original ideas that I had are out the window, and now it is audition time

on a silk blouse sleeve, a new look for garments: or maybe not

silk blouse strips, oh so traditional

use the silk ties center sections for sashings, tradition with a twist?

but then, why use all silk; use recycled linen slacks

The original intention was to use silk and only silk.  The question of the day, do I want contrast? Tonight, methinks, it is all about the contrast.  Dare I go back to both sides now?
Yes, Miz Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.
No telling what it may bring.
I am wide open for suggestion here.  Don't be shy