the last bloom of the season

I was compelled to cut the last one.  It was already beginning to get brown spots and the beetles were having their way with the edge of one of the petals.  I spontaneously snipped it, brought it into my studio and placed it in shallow dish  with a bit of water.  I placed it on top of my inherited aunt's cedar chest so as to enjoy the  beauty and fragrance all day.

In case you might ask, I adore magnolia blossoms.  And I have been tempted forevermore to create an art quilt depicting a blossom that I could enjoy throughout the year.  In the south, we use the leathery leaves from our magnolia trees to decorate our house all year long.  But only in the late spring and early summer are we captivated and delighted with their most magnificent blooms and enchanting fragrance.  So here's the teaser for my next quilt.  It is not nearly as large as the last one, but a challenge, none the less.

I drew up the pattern for Miss Magnolia on Friday morning, selected my fabrics and played around with the whites for a while.  Not to be neglectful, I felt obliged to at least begin quilting on Ms. Lantana.

In the midst of my intense machine quilting today, my husband ventured into the studio, "er-ah, are you ready for lunch/?"  Which translates, "come make my lunch for me."  While he was lingering in the doorway, he casually mentioned the number of projects that I have on my walls.  Well, yes, there is a bit going on around in my AADD mind which somehow leaps onto the walls.  One of which is an online quilt bee in which I am participating over at Bumble Beans 15 Minutes Play.  You must make the jump over there to see what is going on with that.  No need in me being too redundant, yet again.  Victoria has set up a wild, wacky wonderful playground which has enticed me to play along.  

Oh, so, back to my wall.   I just received a delightful package from Beth with the requested strips for my 15 minute play project.  LOVE 'EM
Thank you so much Beth.  They are perfect.

And Margaret posted hers on the 15 minute blog, which I cannot wait to receive.  Luscious!
 What I failed to mention in my request on the 15 minute play blog for said strips of fabric rectangles, is my ultimate goal for said strips.  Which I am anxiously awaiting from 9 other lovely ladies.  Yes, yes, I know you think that this is going to be a simple repro of the elegant quilt of my friend that I have been lusting for.   But I have some secret designs in mind for this beauty, which will be reveled at a later time. 


I see fireworks as I type.

Happy Independence Day to All