before and after.

The long (64") strips have all been sewn together with a last minute design change.  I have such a difficult time knowing when to stop adding doses of colors here, there and everywhere. That more is more conundrum.  So there was this problem to my eye, and I thought by adding that bit of purples strips on the left side of the blues would make it better.  Letting it hang around like that for a few days, I sewed it all up.  Fini!!!  

But, no.  The blues oval-ish shape hits a roadblock on the left side and that was bothering me from the beginning.  The "fix" of the purple's strips didn't make it better.  It only highlighted the abrupt end of the blues.  An afternoon of seam ripping and tediously sewing in strips to replace the purples, I feel a bit better with this composition. Fini # 2

There are still issues, to my eye, that could be improved.  Since it began as an experiment, I have learned from it, especially as far taking the time for preplanning as to how something like this will be sewn together.  And keep the original sketch composition.  Maybe using larger pieces, shaped into similar compositions are more easily sewn together and the design more easily adjusted.  
  Time will tell.  

Next ~ the quilting.