A Glimmer

Where to begin.  My week at Arrowmont will forever live large in my mind.  Not only does this facility have a grand work space for fabric arts, but there are nice accomodations (read nice dorm rooms & bath) in a pristine setting.  Spending the days with fellow textile artists, a brilliant teacher, and meeting other like minded artisans was simply inspirational. I was so taken with the experience that I neglected to take many photos.  Elizabeth summed up the classroom experience very well, so I won't go on about the virtues of Arrowmont here.   If you are reading, please take the time to jump over to Elizabeth's blog  to read about and see all the good stuff.

the last day at Arrowmont

Not having an art education, I had hoped to learn a bit about abstract art, and learn I did.  I must say that Elizabeth Barton is among the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and learning from.  When I left my home design wall for Arrowmont, I jokingly wondered if I might return to this design

and make it into something more abstract.  I decided that was a good idea, but first, this one is taking up too much room in my studio and I really want to finish it up before I hop on the abstracting bandwagon.   

Here are a couple more photos on my Arrowmont design wall.

value sketches 

this design in hand dyed fabrics is the value design from the top right sketch,
all pinned and ready to be sewn & quilted.
Oh and disregard that funky, goldish strip to the right - I couldn't delete it.  
More photos to come when blogger and my internet connection are more cooperative.

Off I go to begin reading the book that my postman just delivered.  "The History of Modern Art" by H. H. Aronson.  (I ordered two editions of it, among others, after discovering it in the library at Arrowmont)  I know it is an oldie, but I thought it was a goodie.  While browsing through the huge volume, I was thrilled to discover all sorts of grand surprises.  


I am headed off to the Smoky Mountains for a week at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.  And more specifically, a week long workshop with one of my favorite textile artists, Elizabeth Barton.  Rumour has it that Elizabeth is one of the best teachers around. If you read her blog, you will see that she not only has a wicked sense of humor, but is a brilliant scholar and textile artist.  All in all, this should make for a most inspirational  week.  I don't get abstract art at all, but hope to come to a better understanding and be able to produce something decent during the week.
To top it off, I am going into this class less prepared that any of the other 3 workshops I have had.  I decided to approach this one from another angle. I am not going to practice her techniques, read volumes on abstract art, etc, etc, etc.  I am going to clear my mind of any preconceptions of abstract art, just chill and try to absorb all Ms. Barton has to offer.

Wish me luck as I leave my latest representational project on my design wall.

Hmmm, reckon I'll return from this experience and abstract this?

Maybe the workshop will guide me in the right direction with my little hexie project.  I have altered the design yet again.  At least I made these changes before I sewed all those little buggers together.