Picture this

When catching up with my very talented designer daughter the other day, after returning from taking classes with Carol Taylor at NQA in Columbus, OH, I was trying to describe what I had done in the class.  We all know that I have a bit of trouble expressing myself verbally, so I finally just said, I'll have to show you some pictures.  Normally I tend to be overwhelmed in class/workshop situations.  Too much going on, getting distracted/intimidated by all the other participant's projects, and in this case, a pretty fast pace and very little workspace, I was happy to return home.  I quickly settled down in my studio with the partially completed projects and happily stitched away.  So without further ado, here are some photos of the progress.  This one is from the "Arc-I-Textures" class.  It is 16" x 16" inches and I still am trying to decide if I should make it into a pillow or a wall hanging.  Or is it ready for that?

This is from the Sensuous Lines and Curves class.  Wasn't too crazy about the sample design (sorry Carol), so I'm making changes with mine. Still in progress, still making changes.  Absolutely love doing the very, thin curvy lines, as well as the little rectangles and square shapes.  I am using some of my hand dyes for the little squiggles.

Speaking of  hand dyes, after making dozens of solids and slightly mottled fat quarters, following step by step the color recipes, I had a grand time playing it fast and loose.  These are a few pieces that pleased me as a result of not following any given instructions.

Note the strip cut from the top of the piece on the right, below.  I used it as a stripe in the sensuous line/curve piece.  Makes for sensationally sensuously striped strips - say that 3 times fast. 

By the way, "Thistles" was not awarded a ribbon, but did receive very complimentary judges comments.  Of course she was hanging right next to a big ribbon winner who made her recede into the background.  However, she kept her thorns to herself and returned home with me, to be shipped off immediately to be judged for the AQS Knoxville show.  Much to my delight I did find  that she was awarded a very nice "Losers" recognition in a blog that I enjoy following.  Thanks Barb and Mary.  I still say we are all winners!
So there!