Ms. Magnolia

In answer to some previous questions:

It all began with this photograph that I took of an arrangement of magnolias that I created
for a bridal shower for my niece. 

I traced the portion of the photo that I wanted to use, drew a pattern and enlarged it to 24" x 32".

And the fun began.  Selecting and cutting my fabrics to be pieced.
And speaking of pieces:

Someone asked how large my pieces are in some of my quilts.  
So, I  finally remembered to document the sizes this time 'round. 

Here's Ms. Mag with her twin as comparison while I am playing along.

And here they are, just about ready for piecing together.  Scary isn't it. 
I am always second guessing myself at this point.  Until I sew some pieces together, then it becomes a bit more reassuring.

And even more reassuring when she's all sewn together and ready to quilt.

  I met my friend Melody at her knitting group on Wednesday and we both did a preview showing of our textile arts.  The knitting ladies seemed to really appreciate our efforts!  Although Melody's art and my art is vastly different, it is so much fun to be able to appreciate what all of us ladies create.  And WOW, you should see some of the spectacular things going on with those knitters.
 Maybe one day they will teach me how to knit. . . . .  
I could really use some of those gorgeous sweaters . . . 

I digress, here's a close up of the center of Mag.  I fused tiny pieces of hand dyes and after I've quilted her,
I plan (for now) to stitch some french knots to make certain that those teeny bits won't fall off.
 It seems that folks have a tendency to try and pick at fused fabrics,
just to see if they can pry them up.
I would hate to see that happen, so I'll try and nip that in the bud!  

Hope y'all have a great weekend and are keeping cool. 


  1. OMG Mary~ that is gorgeous! I love your work.
    I want to give this a try, how about a tutorial? please please :)

  2. Mary you amaze me. This is stunning! And I loved seeing it go from a photograph to a pieced top all in one post.

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! It's just fabulous! I can smell the bloom now. And you captured the shiny leaves. Brilliant, Mary!

  4. Nip that in the bud! HAHAHA. I love it. This is so beautiful Mary. Thank you so much for showing us your process. I love seeing how it all comes together.

  5. I'm curious -- did you learn to do this type of piecing using Ruth McDowell books or instructions? Or did you teach yourself by just trying different methods til you found one that worked for you? All of your designs are gorgeous, but you already know that!

  6. Thank you for sharing this - and you keep cool, too!

  7. The value variety in the white petals is so magnificent. This had to be a major challenge to get them right and you sure did.
    But O MY the light spots on the leaves really show the glossy nature of the magnolia's foliage.
    I bow to you.

  8. Lovely, immortal flower...another triumph! You would enjoy knitting with your great eye for colour...go on...have a go!

  9. I can't believe the work you do... and everything fits in the end...! Don't you ever get lost with all those tiny pieces?

  10. thank you for this post! so Mag...nificant!

  11. I cannot even imagine trying to put all those pieces together! Your patience and ability amazes me.

  12. The process is just mind-boggling and amazing that a very realistic looking flower is made. Tell me (if you wish) it does appear to be largely stitched rather than many fused pieces/petals. Is this all needle-turned applique? Again, thanks for showing the great process-


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