made my day in such a good way

It has been several years since I have entered any of my quilts into national shows.  However, the quilts are stacking up around here, so it was time to get them out in public again.  I entered a couple of quilts into the Mancuso's Quiltfest Destination Savannah.  I was delighted to have them accepted into the show and was even more delighted when they safely returned  to me along with nice compliments from the judges.  Opening the box and unwrapping the quilts, I was thrilled to discover a blue ribbon for 
Best Use of Color in the Innovative category.  

I blogged about her creation, but never added a photo once I had, at last, completed quilting her.  Introducing a completed Ms. Lantana 

54" x 70"
hand dyed and commercial fabrics
machine pieced and quilted