What a fabulous trip to Seattle, Mt Vernon, WA and on to Portland, OR.  The only problem being, that is was just a bit too short.  Of course, I didn't want to wear out my welcome, as I do want to return soon.  Last Wednesday my friend, Nifty Quilts, picked me up at SeaTac and we immediately headed out to the Seattle Art Museum to meet Tina for lunch and to view the Joan Miro exhibit.  I was inspired by Miro's use of color and style.  It is always much better to see fine art in person.  Photos can never do it justice. Right?

OK ~ I couldn't resist having my picture taken with some
of the other art before reaching the Miro exhibit

Lots of fun, food, fabric and friends for the next two days. And a tour of a the Theo chocolate factory.  All organic, and high chocolate content, with lots of free samples.  I highly advise anyone, whether you be a chocoholic or not, to make this tour a must when you visit Seattle.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, Nifty and I are off to Mount Vernon for a 2 day workshop with Freddy Moran.  This is the first time I had the opportunity to meet this legendary lady, and I came away even more impressed than ever.
"That is one cool rock and roll apron, Freddy".   I must have one.

Freddy with one of her originals.
Love that tree!

Stephanie, a delightfully energetic young woman,  hosted the event with  fabric, friends, and foods.  Check out her blog for some great photos at  http://kwiltzbystephanie.blogspot.com/2014/05/whoop-whoop-freddy-moran-is-in-house.html 

 I was able to create one piece and begin another with my twist on Freddy's collage methods.  I may really get into this instant gratification of cut, glue, & paste.  I can create a large piece ready to quilt in a day. That is movin' on for me!

in progress
unedited 40" x 48"

 in progress
unedited, 34-ish " x 54-ish "
Then it is on to Portland to hang out with my daughter, Casey for a few days.  My friends Tina and Mary drove me to Portland where we lunched at a new French~Norwegian spot named Maurice.  What can I say ~ other than exquisite.  Then it's off to catch up with Casey.

She had a busy schedule and I had to be on my game to keep up with her.  She was a host for the grand opening of the Madewell shop in Portland on Tuesday.  The shop will also feature items from local artists, and Casey created hand turned wooden vessels for ceramic pots filled with succulents that will be sold in the new shop.

cool - huh?
 Champagne brunch, shopping, and the grand opening gala at 6pm.  Food and beverage is the best in Portland, and Casey always chooses just the right spots to enjoy. As an added treat, the weather was very warm and sunny.  Perfect for walking around the city and enjoying the sights.  We did stop off at the Tanner Goods shop to see our collaborative quilts.  I must admit, I was thrilled to see them hanging in the shop.  Plus, the light fixture you partially see, was designed and made by Casey.

On Wednesday, my lovely friend, Bonnie, picked me up and we go for a deliscious lunch.  And off again to the 'burbs to meet with Bill Volckening and view some of his fabulous antique quilts. It was a treat to meet and talk quilts with such a knowledgeable person.  And get to see some of the quilts that he has made.  

Bill proudly shows his latest quilt

an antique quilt from Tennessee
Those are a few highlights of my week in the great northwest.  I can't wait to return.  There is always adventure around every corner.