Where have I been?

Where have I been?  Up a tree, out to lunch, over the edge`you get the drift. . . . . .
It has been well over 2 months since I have taken the time to put thoughts into words. In that amount of time there have been too many thoughts, many better left unsaid and so many I wish I could remember "because they were so brilliant"! (This said with tongue in cheek). Well, actually I did write down thoughts in a separate travel journal, as my husband and traveled through the north west for a few weeks during August and September. I'll not repeat all that, as who wants to spend their blog  time reading about other folks' vacations. However, I did take a multitude of photos and was constantly inspired by all the flora and fauna I  would never see in the south east.

There are now so many more wall quilts in my mind, I think that my brain is in total overload. Where do I start? Better question~when do I start? Do I wait to finish up all those pieces begun months ago? Am I still inspired enough to complete them? I do realize that at least one of those MUST be completed, as it has been promised. So I've sucked it up and worked played away on this one. I decided that I should go ahead and do a preview showing of the lap size top for the future owners. Just in case it turns out to be something that doesn't thrill them.  I showed it as being a prototype, just in case it was way too unstructured for their tastes. 

Well, its seems that they were delighted with everything about the quilt. WHEW! Now I can't wait to finish it up. And I am rejuvenated as well. Can you see me grinning from ear to ear? Now to squeeze in some time to dye the fabric for the back of the quilt. This one is really personal and I want to do something very special for such a special young couple.

In between all the latest life occurrences and family crisis', my mother has finally decided that it is time to leave her home of 52 years. This has been an extremely difficult decision for her, as she is a very independent lady. Among other concerns (she is now 90 years old) the hustle and bustle of the city is literally moving into her back yard. So I've been busy repainting and sprucing up our basement apartment. Mom is movin' in. It will be a huge adjustment for her, I am certain. But I look forward to having her so close for so many reasons. Perhaps I can persuade her to attempt a bit of hand piecing to occupy her time - when she isn't working on her Sudoku puzzles, hanging out with her friends, and going to exercise classes.

Once we get Mom established in her new digs, I am hoping to get back into my studio and play around with some of those travel photos. I have really been missing the opportunity to do some sketching and pattern making for a new art quilt. I've come full circle here. Think I've gotten it figured out as to when to start on a project, the most difficult is deciding which one to finish first!