Walking among the trees,

I always take note of a dead cedar tree.
Mostly grey and sad in appearance.
Decided to give it another life
A bit happier, not so gloomy.  

It was  more difficult than I imagined.
Revival is often difficult, I guess.


Back from my whirlwind trip to Italy, full of new ideas, sensory overload, unable to settle down and start something new (well, sorta). I committed, (yet again) to get some pieces finished.  So stick a fork in 'er, she's done!  44" x 68" of heavy quilting.  

This old gravel road is long gone.  
I had taken lots of photos before everything changed on the farm and chose to document some of my memories in fabric.  A sign of changing times, new roads to be traveled, out with the old, in with the new, 
you get my drift.  

So, since I am not able to totally commit to machine quilting for hours on end, I did play around with some more ideas on the side.  
A couple of months ago, I got waylaid by 3/4" hexies.  Hundreds of hexies later, and several design idea changes, I am hand piecing (gasp) in a semi improv fashion.  I think I will call it "secret garden".
currently approximately 33" x 30ish and growing.

And then, there's the boxes of solids strips still hanging around from the Nancy Crow workshop last year.  Cannot seem to get them out of my system.  As if I don't use them, it will be a total waste.  Time to change that thought, doncha think?  Oh well, I did have a flashback idea as I was digging through those boxes waiting for something brilliant to happen.  The sights of Venice, Pisa, Sienna, Florence, Rome worked it's way into this.

the colors are not showing up correctly on my computer ,
(read terribly off),  so

I thought it might be a good idea to change it to gray tones to see how
 the design and values are working.
yet to be determined.

The ideas are still flowing.  Maybe I can stick to one of these for a finish before I begin another.  hahahahahahahaha