I just had to take a break....

.... from machine quilting and do something else for a bit.  I searched through all my old photos and found this photo I had snapped at the Portland Rose Garden a few years ago.  

Next step, draw up a pattern and enlarge it.

I loved the luminosity of original rose, but I didn't want to work with pastels.  I was in the mood for something brighter, and I chose some of my hand dyed fabrics from a couple of summers ago

I started cutting and pinning with a definite result in mind.

Feeling my way slowly and deviating quite a bit from the pattern, as usual, this wild rose took on a personality of her own and I let her dress herself with my assistance.

 Being a fan of high contrast, I think I will accessorize her with this blue background.  Hope she likes it.

Approximately 44" x 52" at this point

Now to let her hang around on the wall for a bit while I get back to machine quilting.
Once she decides that she likes her new style, I'll start piecing her together.