progress on other projects

I thought that I was certain as to how I wanted to quilt my posy quilt.  I had practice stitched all the ideas that I had sketched out. Got everything ready to begin the machine quilting, then as I sat down to begin, something else took control and here is what it said.  Tiny  round and oval seeds all over the quilt with ghost flowers sprouting up randomly amongst the seeds.  I generally dislike the quilting process, machine or hand, as I much prefer the design aspect.  But for some reason I have become obsessed with this one.  It has become a joy to just sit and move the needle over the fabric and see these little designs take shape.  Who woulda thunk it? 

back side

I love the way it looks on the back.  Using the different colors of threads to match the top fabric color gives it an interesting look, don't you think?  

There could be a hidden meaning in all this, because I do need lots of practice with my machine quilting and I had predetermined that I would be machine quilting great gran's string star repro quilt.    I want to duplicate the quilting patterns on GGM star quilt.  Perhaps by the time that I finish making thousands of tiny circles and ovals, I will, just maybe, have gotten a bit better and become a bit more patient.  Patient enough to make her proud.  Not to say that I am there yet, but who knows.  It could happen. 

the original GGM

my version ready for quilting

 My quilts are going to be featured for one week at my home town museum during their quilt show and I do want to have enough new pieces completed for the show.   So I have been plugging away  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to complete the quilting part, huh? So wish me luck.  I hope to have these both completed before mid March.  I'll let y'all know how that turns out.  Meanwhile, I better get busy........