it has been a vanilla week



sample of a quilted block    

Finding that linen, linen/cotton blend and linen/rayon blend fabrics tend to be a bit slippery, I am happy that I decided to begin this project in the quilt as you go manner.  Also finding also no matter that I cut several the blocks the same size, once they are pressed and quilted, they are no longer the same size.  So the remaining blocks, or about half of them are just random sizes. That makes for more challenges, as in how to connect all the blocks nicely.  Hopefully I will be able to vary the joining strips to accommodate the size differences, using some of my bits o' color strips.  And hopefully makes for a more interesting design. 

As I was quilting the blocks, with absolutely no preplanned idea of what I would be doing from minute to minute, it dawned on me, that it had the feel of American Indian piecework designs.  Or so it feels to me.  Which led me back to my original inspiration, which I had  forgotten all about.  It was a Pendleton blanket that my daughter had posted on her website,  
as a nice Christmas gift for someone special.  
If you check out that blanket you will see 
colored stripes on an off white background.  

And now I am ready for chocolate, strawberry, peach, lemon, lime, pineapple. . . .


Hope you have a weekend full of sunshine and color.