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Several years ago, my son asked if I would make a quilt portrait of his best friend in the whole world.  Her name was Florna and she was the most wonderful lady.  We still miss her everyday.  Catch a snippet of her here.

So back to the purpose of this post.  Last summer, while visiting with my daughter, I snapped a few closeups of her best friend, Winston.  He is quite the lover boy and will win you over with just a glance at his eyes.  I swear there is something magical going on behind those soulful, sweet, sad eyes.  

Fast forward to January 2018, where I am moving back to doing some things that I have missed terribly, but didn't realize how very much I missed doing it.  Rather than geometric, modern, minimal, quilts,  my first love is representational quilt art.  And creating faces or figures using fabric makes for thrilling moments when my vision becomes a reality.  Enough with the chit chat.  I'll reveal the  photos of my fabric collage of sweet Winnie.  

All glued together and ready to go under the needle. 


  1. I use Elmer’s school glue. I use both the glue stick and the bottled clear washable.

  2. Oh, my, what a beauty. The subject, Winston, is a handsome dog, but your talent really makes him justice. I am glad to see you back at your representations. It is good to wander the world and have some adventures, but going back home to rest and curl up a little bit is so welcome!

    1. Dear me, Angela. This is my 3rd attempt to reply to you. Not quite sure what is going on with blogger, but several have commented, which came through via email, but were not showing up the the comment section! grrrrrrrrr.
      But then, trying again ~ thanks so much for your kind words. Your analogy is perfect for me and my many paths. Yes, indeed, it is good to come home to play with those lovely prints and make them play together. Exploration is good for the mind and soul, and for me always playing with different styles makes me happy.

  3. It's so good to see you doing what you love most. And you're so good at it! You have captured the magic in his eyes, the endearing expression, his loving personality. I love the background too. It really brings him to life. I love it! You've immortalized him. What a treasure.

  4. I just saw this today, so lovely! I always loved your quilt art portraits. There is something about looking into the eyes of a beloved pet, and you have captured it beautifully. Glad you are enjoying!


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