Art Imitating Life

Ah, to be young and living a carefree lifestyle. I sure didn't have all the luxuries that this younger generation seem to have when I was that age. Life's a Beach!. huh? Real life can come along and hit ya up side the face sometimes. I am still trying to get a grip. Today has been tumultuous, it's only 6:30PM and I'm ready for bed. Oh well, "tomorrow is another day", as Miz Scarlet said. And I say, it surely can't get any worse.
I've been perusing some of the lovely blogs and websites out there. That has helped to lighten my spirits. Life can still be beautiful, if you only open your eyes. There is so much that a person could submerse themselves into. (sorry, dangling participle?) So instead of drowning my sorrows, let's go work with some fabric. Back to those 4 patch squares. I have slashed bits of shirting plaids and sewn them, semi log cabin style around the 4 patches. I think I'll call the finished quilt Shirts & Blouses. It can make a nice lap quilt for someone. All those muted plaids with bright bits of color. Whacha think?

Just so you know, this is not the type of quilt that I currently enjoy making. It is far too simplistic albeit more user friendly. But it is something that is getting me through this time in my life. And to add to the upbeat trend, I just learned that my latest piece has received an award in it's catagory in a regional quilt show. SO NICE. Thanks folks. To paraphrase Dirty Harry, "You just made my day". Here's a closeup of a small portion of thistles.

So to sum up my past few days, when life leaves you with dirty dishes, as Tony Soprano might say "forget about it!" And I say, "Go play with fabric!"