what's next

  I shot this photo a couple of years ago at  our cottage in north Florida.  
Thinking that it would be my next project. 
The time has come, at long last to begin my next project.
  This is going to be one of my most difficult pieces to date, because I want to try and highlight each of these blossoms within the blooms.  What caught my attention, initially, were the buds.
I was fascinated by their unusual shape. 

After taking umpteen pictures, I chose a few that weren't too blurry and printed them off.  From those pictures I chose 4 (so far) blooms that l liked and arranged them for my sketch which would become the basis for drawing the pattern.  Here's a peek at the progress.

Because of the tiny pieces involved, I drew it out on a 19 x 24 inch piece of paper.  I laid a piece of tracing paper, the same size, over the drawing to begin working out the pattern.  Got a bit done, but it could be simplified, unless I decide that I really want to piece it this way.  I played with an enlarged section to see how this might play out. 
I normally used multiple commercial print fabrics, but this time I want to use mostly my hand dyed fabrics.  Since I did all that fun dyeing last summer, it is high time to cut into them.  And I found that I had gobs of fabric that would work perfectly. 

Now to enlarge the entire drawing.  And thanks to my friend, Melody,  I now have use of her overhead projector. She generously offered and I gratefully accepted.  Thanks Mel.   No more trying to explain to the clerks at the enlargement booth at the local office supply chain  how I would like to have this enlarged.  "Oh," they would ask, "is this for stained glass?  It will be beautiful".  "No", I reply, " it isn't a stained glass, it is an art quilt."   At which point, they would smile blankly and dismissively then totally ignore my requests for enlargement size.

Yes, yes, I know.  The last quilt was no rules, seat of the pants fun.  But I have fun drawing patterns as well.   I just have fun challenging myself.  I so enjoy trying something new each and every day.   Beside, I've got two other seat of the pants projects on the design wall to keep me loosey, goosey, when the mood strikes.    And I've got a new toy to play with to boot.  I'm off to play with the projector.  I promise that I will do my best not to break it, Mel.  I am soooo excited.