My new/old coffee table

Last summer my cousin's husband, Joe, ran across a mother load of old factory carts sitting out in a lot in our hometown.  They were all in pretty bad shape, but he was able to purchase a couple at a great price.  After showing me his deals, I immediately ran over to this lot to pick one up for myself.  Alas, the owner decided that he didn't want to part with any more of his carts for the price that my cousin paid.  He had raised the price 5 fold.  Feeling quite disappointed, I just couldn't dig that deep into my pocket for something that I would have to completely restore, I returned home with no cart.

 A few days later, I went out my back door to find this cart.
Joe to the rescue!
The picture doesn't do the paint color justice.
It wasn't blue, it was florescent blue.

Despite my protests that he should not feel obliged to share his luck with me, he insisted.
The cart sat in our garage collecting assorted piles of stuff for several months. A couple of weeks ago, I  decided it was about time to talk our friend, Phillip, into sandblasting the metal parts for me.  He and my husband, Steve, took the whole thing apart and sandblasted it, put it back together and Steve sprayed the metal parts with a sealer.  I sanded and varnished the wood.  And the family room is now graced with my new/old favorite piece of furniture.  I can't take the credit for the idea of using this old cart for a coffee table, but if you click right here, you will see the very pricey inspiration.  Needless to say, my version ended up costing  . . . .  well let's just say, if you move the decimal point over to the left 2 digits, you will get the idea.

Thanks Joe, Phillip and Steve.
I am thrilled with my new coffee table.