forgive my naivete

Not being a trained artist, I am constantly attempting to learn more about art, the history of art, design, all those dead artists as well as current artists.  You get the picture.  Right?
So forgive me.  I am going to just show my naivete here and now.
I have been "studying" the artists of the Bauhaus style when a thought occurred to me.
When I look at the textile artists of that school I cannot help but make this obervation beginning with the woven textiles from Africa:  

To the weavings from the Bauhaus school:

Gunta Stolzl of the Bauhous School 
Gunta Stolzl
Anni Albers
Anni Albers

To the African American quilters :

The Quilts of Gee's Bend

And other African American quilters

These may not be perfect examples, but I am going to post this anyway.  (Blogger is yet again being uncooperative with my photos)  If you have an interest, I suggest a trip to the library or book store to see what similarities you might find.  It has been fun for me.  This may be redundant to many of you.  So please remember, that I am in no way a trained artist, nor critic, but just a woman of a certain age who is enjoying some exploration.