Can it already be November?!?!?!?!

Momma always said that the older you get the faster time passes.  She is 92, pushing hard towards 93 years of age and time has slowed down for her.  I suppose when you no longer have the stamina to do much more than walk, eat and sleep, life begins to drag.  It reminds me of my preteen years, when Sunday afternoons were long and boring.  Mom and Dad took naps, and I paced the house hoping for something exciting to happy.  Needless to say, in very rural southeast Tennessee, the most exciting thing that might happen on a Sunday afternoon would be when some of the cows decided to make a run for it.  I know just how they felt.  Too bad I didn't follow their lead, use some imagination and make something exciting happen for myself. Back when I had all the time in the world.  C'est la vie.

Now that I am older and wiser (well OK, older at least,) I am becoming better at making life more exciting.  There again, I can't take full credit for making the latest excitement.  I must thank a forward thinking interior designer and a bank president.  My Fractured Honeysuckles was purchased to hang in the lobby of a new bank.  Giddy, euphoric, ecstatic and yes, even excited, describes my mood lately.  And if I might just say, it looks absolutely splendid in it's new home.

My new FDSB regimen is paying off as I am better utilizing my time.  And just in time I might add.  I have accepted a commission for another local facility and have been diligently plodding away with excitement.  I have a short time frame for completion and I am determined to meet that deadline.  So far so good.  Can't reveal too much info at this time, but just for fun, I will share a small peek.

Now back to work.  Or can you really call it work when it is more like play? 
C'est la vie.

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