Flying off in a new direction >>>>>>>>

I got carried away by the geese.  The thought occurred to me that it would be fun to make a coordinating quilt to use with my low volume quilt. 

Besides, I was stuck for a bit on finding just the right look for the middle section of the trees.  All it took was a nice walk on a sunny day for some good inspiration. (We finally had a couple of days of sunshine down in the "sunny South")  Now I am on a roll.  Up and down the ladder, pinning pieces to the wall.

Note to self
* next time you get stuck, take a walk*
Now I really must grab one of the tops that is languishing in the pile of the unquilted,
get it sandwiched together and quilt it.
That will only give me 3 projects to work on for a few days.  A day filled with designing, piecing, quilting.  How could a person ever get bored, I ask you.  So many quilts.  So little time.

Fits and Starts

After a business trip & back home, catching up with odds and ends, I find more stress relief improv is needed.  Trying to downsize the content of my scrap bins, I pulled out neutral scraps, found some leftover geese, & began to play.  

original idea

try as I may

the geese will go on the back

close up of blocks

Now then, all de-stressed, ready to go back to the trees for more improv.


"Dream Again"

For all of you who love quilting, art, and music, check out the new link I have showing at the top right of the screen.  For several years I have enjoyed the beautifully designed art posters and ads for the famous Sister's Quilt Show .  Dennis McGregor is the artist and he  is hoping to publish a fabulously illustrated book about Annie, her horse Grace and a quilt.  If you are able to assist in the publication via Kickstarter, please do so.  I am making my pledge right now.  Can't wait to receive my copy of the book.  How about it?