Has it really been so so many days since my last post?

Gee, it really has been more than a few days. Where does the time go?
I have been busy, busy.  And I really, really have been trying avoid the temptation to start any new projects until I have finished quilting some of the tops.  Famous last words, eh? Seems I have broken my vows.  To catch up on what's been going on before and after Thanksgiving.

I hand dyed many, many yards of fabric
75 yards of fabric to be exact

         Now, if you will, click to jump over to 15 minutes play to read about a project that I began way back in October.  It's all about making quilts from recycled shirts, but these shirts are more than just recycled.  They have special meaning.  Once you read all about it, check back in to see that I have not been exactly true to my vows.  I was compelled to make more of the 15 minutes play blocks.

And then I was inspired to make some string stars with the shirts, thinking that it would make an appropriate quilt for the grandson.  As the strips of fabric became too small to fit the diamond, I sewed them into new fabric, so I have string/pieced fabric stars. 

Now to decide on the arrangement.  Shall it be like this?

or this?

or this?

or make more blocks for a traditional layout?
Time will tell.

Lest you think that I cannot stick to any sort of commitment, I did complete the
quilting on two tops. 

This one I designed using Electric Quilt several years ago.  It was all paper pieced by my friend, Laura and was supposed to be included in a pattern booklet that I was involved in publishing with another quilter.  Long story short, the booklet didn't happen.  
But here's the quilt.

Marriage in the Mountains   62" x 68"
I also completed my reproduction of a quilt made with strips of fabric contributed by 11 friends in the 15 minutes bee .  It was great fun to play with all the strips of fabric, arranging and rearranging, cutting, slashing and rearranging again. I quilted it sparsely, so it's soft and comfy, just perfect for a lazy day on the sofa or a picnic in the park. 

Real Deal   68" x 76"
And now to pull out another quilt top, get it sandwiched and start quilting once again.