Thursday thoughts

Having offered to make a quilt for a baby due in a few short weeks, I asked Momma-to-be for her thoughts on colors, fabrics, theme and so forth.  I was excited to hear of her choices.  First of all she asked for dots, stripes, paisleys using the colors of kelly greens, turquoises, soft yellows and browns.  The next request not only excited me but challenged me.  Her family has peacocks and she has always loved those birds and their colorful plummage.  So she suggested that I might perhaps use a peacock symbol of some type on the quilt - nothing complicated, maybe something similar to the NBC peacock.  WHOOOOAAAA  Momma!   What am I gonna do?  I first thought of using my hand dyed solid fabrics.  Something abstract and free along the lines of Gwen Marston.  But maybe that is a bit too intense.  So back to dots, stripes, paisleys.   After many, many sketches, the best bet is go to the machine with my scrap bags.  Begin with the "eye" of the peacock feather and work my way through a block.  

Here is the result of my intuitive process, placed on a piece of fabric that I had batiked last summer, when it was so miserably hot and I was wishing for cold weather.  
(When will I ever learn ~ be careful what you wish for.)

I think the best way to continue this is to make a few more blocks and see where it takes me.  Lots of ideas swirling around.  I think I know where it will go, today.  We'll see what happens.