Playing catch up

After returning from a lovely trip to the great northwest, I didn't have too much time to follow up on the fast and fun, cut and paste quilts that we played with in the Freddy Moran workshop. I did manage to get a couple more pieces pasted together and even quilted 2 of them!
sample to explore raw edge quilting on the pasted pieces
15 X 27

completed piece began on day 2 of the workshop
27 X 46  

more playtime
36 x 54
soon to be quilted 
Next I  was off to Italy for a few days.  What can I say, my cousin, Beth, twisted my arm to the point that I just couldn't say no to her offer to join her along with a group of other delightful folks.  Being my second trip in 2 years, once we arrived I felt more comfortable being able to set out on our own with a smaller group, and had a fabulous time.  From Montepulciano, to Rome, to Sorrento and the Isle of Capri, it was non stop gorgeous scenery, food and wine, and superb company.  I cannot wait to return.  Maybe next year?  I won't bore you with too many vacation photos.

We are so excited ~ having a burger at the airport ~
ready to go

View from our hotel in Sorrento


the beach at Sorrrento

Trevi Fountain ~ I tossed in lots of coins to assure my return

the highlight of the trip
seeing the Pope Francis up close and hearing his sermon
in St. Peter's square  

the Mediterranean Sea ~ ahhhhhh

Hope that wasn't too many photos to be boring

Back to Tennessee again, for a couple of weeks and I was off to Arrowmont.  I attended a workshop on shape resist and natural dyeing taught by Joan Morris.  I really can't say enough about this class.  Joan is a fabulous teacher and a world class artist.  She has been working with shibori/shape resist and dyeing for 30 years, and made it look sooooo easy.  And, all of the folks in the class were a delight to play with.  A hugely talented group, I must say.  I was so inspired and can't wait to do more.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in the class that I failed to take many photos of the class.  But here are a few of my results.

my karamatsu design
cotton backed silk, with tannin and mordent 

Pulled and tied off then dyed in natural indigo

the stitches are cut and pulled  

cotton side of the design after being ironed ~ a soft indigo color

the silk side of the design after being ironed ~ a shimmering blue green  ~
silk does not take natural indigo dye as well

more karamatsu ~ not yet ironed 


mokome on silk
not ironed.  
This is so intriguing and challenging. I didn't think I would ever return to hand stitching, but this has revived my interest. I want to make clothing using some of the designs and perhaps even incorporate it into my art quilts.  The fun never ends.  There is always something new around the corner.  Never say no to learning a new technique.


  1. My goodness, girl! Your glued and quilted pieces are fabulous. To see what you did with the day #2 one really blows my socks off. Then to Italy, then to stitching and dyeing such intriguing designs. Phew! You've been busy creating a very good summer.

  2. I love seeing your flower quilts, they are always so beautiful. And the dying sounds fun and I really love the effect. I hope you get back to Italy next year, it looks beautiful there.

  3. Your examples of shibori/shape resist are a delight to see!

  4. Yes those flower quilts are beautiful! I so need to try and make one :) Your dyed pieces are wonderful.

  5. oops! sorry hit the wrong key ~ is the background sewn or just cut and glued on muslin?

  6. Fabulous, inspiring, quilting.
    A gorgeous holiday and wonderful stitching - love your post!

  7. I seriously love the first two pieces, the second one is such a beautiful, happy design, it has so much movement and interest, and I like the vase too.
    Your shibori is lovely and I enjoyed your photographs.

  8. What a fun and exciting summer you are having this year! I love all the projects you are working on, especially the second piece,great colors!
    Seeing the pope, how exciting!!!

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  10. I am blown away! That quilt is gorgeous! Your shibori work is extraordinary.. but then again, everything you do is!!!

  11. That picture of you with Beth is adorable. Best pic ever!

  12. I just love these flowers with the pieced backgrounds, I am in total awe. would love to be able to do something like this someday…..
    an amazing trip, glad you got to go…


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