More than 15 minutes of obsession

I have a new addiction. Victoria over at 15 Minutes Play has provided a spot for creating outside the box, and just plain play time fun.  I've already posted a couple of ongoing projects on that blog that I have been getting together for using up bits and pieces.  Not wanting to be a blog hog, I didn't go into a lot of detail.  I also intend to join in with Rossie and her Process Pledge group.  That is, if I hear from anyone who has an interest in my processes. But just for today, I'll post a few pictures of things that I've got going on.  Maybe seeing everything on screen will remind me that I've got to learn to focus.  HA! 

I named this quilt "The Aspens at Muddy Pass".  It's my attempt at an abstract design using a sketch that I did several years ago.  I've gotten it sandwiched and ready to quilt. 

Last winter I had the brilliant idea of making an abstract log cabin quilt inspired by the Gee's Bend artists.  I challenged myself to use very large pieces of fabric and make only 3 blocks.  And if you knew me, you would know what a challenge that would be for me.  However, once I had it pieced, it wasn't happy with the result.  I kept thinking that it would be the perfect practice piece for free motion quilting.  Nah.  Then I thought, hummmmm, maybe the log cabin needs some flowers to jazz it up.  And voila'

One day not too long ago, in a wild burst of organizational madness, I sat down in the middle of my studio floor with my box of scraps that I just could not bear to toss out.  Using an old mesh- over- the door- shoe -holder, I sorted, by color, all of those bits and stuffed them into the pockets that once held shoes.  (an obsession I've given up, well almost)  Now all I have to do, is reach in and grab a handful of color to make my posies. 


Or other free style pieced blocks that may go into a quilt or a pillow or maybe even a few place mats for the dining table, one day soon.

Next delimma:  Obsession/compulsive purchasing of  Kaffe Fasset, Philip Jacobs, et. al., fabrics.   Seems I can't stop myself from buying fat quarters of many many many of their fabrics.  What do you do with all those fat quarters?  More log cabins?  But with a definite purpose.  I have someone in mind who enjoys bright, happy quilts.  And what could be brighter and happier than a jillion Kaffe/Philip/Brandon fabrics?  Along with Amy/Carla/Heather - the list could go on forever. 

Then there's the selvage thing. For years I've checked out the selvages of every fabric that I see. Always thought I was a little weird that way. Seems I was not the only one. I would cut & toss all those selvages that into a basket, thinking that I would figure out what to do with them one of these days. I stumbled into  Karen's blog and yippee, I'm off and running.   With info and guidance from Jacquie and her tutorial I've got a good start on using up that basket full of selvages. 

In my spare time, I've been doing a bit more fabric dyeing as well as using soy wax to learn how to batik my fabrics.  Got a couple of cabinet shelves loaded up and waiting for some experimentation a la  Jean Wells and her inspirational book "Intuitive Color and Design" .  Maybe even an Amish style quilt in the manner of  the Lazy Gal Liberated Amish 2010 Get Together
I'll write about that in more detail at a latter time.  Right now I've got some more fabric soaking in a bucket of soda ash calling for color.



  1. You have been SO busy, it's really inspirational! Love that idea of using the shoe holder for scraps, especially because the color of the scraps shows through making it easy to find the right one. The Jean Wells book you mention is one of my favorites, I just love her style.

  2. Everything is just SO lovely!

  3. Wow, Mary! Your projects are absolutely amazing. I especially love the quilt and pillow on the sofa. Just beautiful.

    Sorting your scraps with that shoe organizer is genius! I may have to try that. Seems like it would be a lot easier to find everything.

  4. Whew! You've been busy. They all look so colorful and FUN!

  5. wow! lots of eye candy here. I'm glad I stopped by!

  6. Have only just discovered your blog ... will be back again! Congrats on the AQS ribbon (and I love the quilt, too). Instead of shoe organizer I use clear plastic shoe boxes. Same idea - scraps by color, easy access, easy on the eye while they wait for me.

  7. Thanks, once again to you all. One and all have been an inspiration to me. There are so many things that I want to try and finding everyone out there in cyber land has been a treasure trove. I look forward to hearing from everyone and I will keep checking out everyone else's projects. What a wonderful world it is indeed.

  8. aspens at muddy pass is stunning, the color and the light! i would love it if you showed your process for something like that!

  9. WOW WOW and wow! so many lovely things to look at!!!Love that first piece!!! and your flowers,,, etc etc!!!


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